About Us

Our Story

Welcome to Jackie Jan - an Asian restaurant that clearly claims to be the best in the city! Our cuisine is a blend of exquisite flavors and Asian traditions that are embodied in every dish we serve.

We take pride in offering our guests only the freshest and highest quality ingredients that we carefully source from the best suppliers. We are confident that our cuisine can satisfy even the most refined taste.

We invite you to an amazing journey through Asian cuisine that you will never forget. Our menu includes the most popular recipes from various Asian countries - from Japan to Thailand. We offer a wide selection of various time-honored main courses, noodles, soups, and many other dishes. But that's not all! We also offer a unique opportunity to try our signature sushi rolls - it's our special recipe that our chef prepares only for our special guests and our every guest is special for us.

And remember, when you visit Jackie Jan, you're not just going to a restaurant, you're immersing yourself in an amazing world of Asian flavors and traditions. Our slogan is "Jackie Jan - where Asian cuisine turns into art." We invite you to enjoy this experience with us!